Well Written Article Demystifying Acupuncture.

A lot of people have questions about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. This article does a good job of explaining the process involved in becoming an acupuncturist, as well as clearing up some of the misconceptions folks hold regarding the medicine.  If you have ever found yourself wondering what Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is, I recommend starting here. Check it out, and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  We offer FREE 30-minute consultations to help you decide if Acupuncture is right for you.  Call us or make an appointment through our website.  Enjoy the article!


Good Times!

This past Saturday, we had the privilege of being part of My Yoga Connection’s Grand Opening celebration of their new location. Congratulations to My Yoga Connection (http://www.myyogaconnection.org) on such a wonderful space! And what a great turnout! We watched Cara Edwards lead a yoga class of what seemed like a hundred participants, and we got to meet lots of great people. Chatting with them about what we do here at BODIES IN BALANCE ACUPUNCTURE and even giving them some sample treatments was so much fun for us. We love what we do, and have a great time sharing it with those who are curious about it. If you’re curious too, give us a call!

Acupuncture Can Help with That Too!

by, Carlos Sessler, A.P., NMRT

If we had a dime for every time someone was surprised to learn that acupuncture can help with things other than pain…well, we’d have A LOT of dimes! Yes, acupuncture is a fantastic method of dealing with pain, but it can also help with many other conditions. As a matter of fact, acupuncture is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to be effective in the treatment of a wide variety of medical issues including:

  • Circulatory Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Gynecological Disorders
  • Urogenital Disorders
  • Birth and Postpartum Support
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Emotional and Psychological Disorders
  • Bone, Muscle and Joint Disorders
  • Systemic Disorders
  • Addiction and Detoxification Support
  • Nervous System Disorders

Of course, it’s important to remember that acupuncture is also a preventative medicine. If you’re wondering whether or not acupuncture can help you, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us and find out!